My research interests lie in understanding how eye movements help us to build a coherent model of the world around us, from low-level vision to higher cognitive processing. I’m part of the larger Experimental Psychology Laboratory headed by Prof Brandimonte at Suor Orsola Benincasa University (Naples, Italy) within which I lead a research program in Visual Cognition and Eye Movements.

Master students

I supervise several Master students which are involved in different projects answering interesting questions about vision as part of their thesis work and lab training (one year).

Maura De Chiara is a Master student (MSc) in the Neuroscience program at Suor Orsola Benincasa University as well as at the Apple Developer Academy (Unina Federico II). Maura is interested in eye movements and imaging. Her project is tackling the challenging question of understanding the neurophysiology of saccadic inhibition.

Jiacheng Hao is following a Master by Research degree (MSrC) at The University of Edinburgh. Jiacheng is interested in how saccadic inhibition can be modulated by semantic aspects of distractor stimuli. His work is part of a collaboration between Prof Rob McIntosh (main supervisor) at The University of Edinburgh and myself (co-supervisor).

Bachelor students

I also supervise Bachelor students who take part in smaller projects during their internship period (6 months). At the moment, we are carrying out several interesting experiments on different aspects of inhibitory phenomena in eye movements and perception as well as the effects of eye movements on higher cognitive functions.

Some of the projects are carried on in collaboration with the IRCCS SYNLAB SDN in Naples, where I have access to imaging facilities.