New review article about the influence of visual cues on microsaccades

We have a new review article titled “Dissociable cortical and subcortical mechanisms for mediating the influences of visual cues on microsaccadic eye movements” now published in Frontiers in Neural Circuits!

In the paper, we extensively review how visual cues strongly influence both microsaccadic rate and direction. We explain how these modulations have repercussions on mechanisms of visual selection, and we describe the underlying neural circuits of these behavioral effects.

Our main hypothesis is that the early reflexive microsaccade effects observed soon after the presentation of a visual cue arise subcortically, downstream of the superior colliculus (e.g. brainstem), while the cortical areas such as the frontal eye fields are more involved in the reprogramming of these inhibited eye movements.

We suggest that despite these variations happen within a small area around the foveal region, the repercussions spread to the peripheral visual field, modulating how we perceive the world.

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