New preprint on stimulus polarity and microsaccade rate

We have a new preprint on bioRxiv about modulations of microsaccade rate by stimulus polarity and size.

In this new paper, we show some intriguing modulations of microsaccade rate (the rapid reduction in microsaccade frequency followed by a stronger rebound phase of high microsaccade rate) following the presentation of brief visual flashes consisting of large or small white or black stimuli. First, we show that small stimuli are the only one to cause a rebound after microsaccade inhibition. With large stimuli, the post inhibition period resulted flat. But more interesting, we show that small black stimuli were always associated with stronger modulations in microsaccade rate compared to white stimuli. Such difference was particularly evident in the post-inhibition rebound phase of microsaccade rate.

We suggest that microsaccadic rate signature is sensitive to stimulus polarity and we hint the possibility that dissociable neural mechanisms might underlying early microsaccadic inhibition after stimulus onset and later microsaccadic rate rebound at longer times thereafter.

Go and check our new paper here!

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