Every spike counts: new preprint out!

We have a new exciting manuscript just out on bioRxiv!

In a first experiment, we show that visually-induced action potentials in the superior colliculus, a structure known to drive eye movements, not only occurred intra-saccadically, but they were also associated with highly predictable modifications of the ongoing eye movements.

In a second experiment, we performed peri-saccadic microstimulation on the SC map injecting single, double, or triple electrical pulses at a location different from the saccade goal. Once again, we show that the eye movement trajectories are longer, as if they were pulled in the direction of the stimulated site.

We suggest that there is an instantaneous readout of the SC map at the time of movement generation, irrespective of activity source (visual or electrical). This can help to explain a significant component of kinematic variability of motor outputs.

Read more about our work at this link!

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